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Director/Senior Financial Adviser

"Mathematics has always been one of my strengths. During high school, I used to tutor students after school (yes, I was a maths nerd). Being a 'mathlete' I loved solving problems."


Mathematics has always been one of my strengths. During high school, I used to tutor students after school (yes, I was a maths nerd). Being a 'mathlete', I loved solving problems. As a tutor I would see students who were faced with problems that they couldn’t understand, and thought were impossible to solve. I really enjoyed working with them and breaking down the problems into smaller parts to obtain the right answer. That moment when I would see a student’s face say, “ah-ha, I get it now” has always made me feel that I have made a difference.


When I finished high school, I chose to study a Bachelor of Information Systems. Having completed the degree and worked in IT for a number of years, I started to question if this was the right career for me. I enjoyed IT but sitting in front of a computer without interaction with others for most of the day left me feeling unfulfilled.


"At that point, I made a decision to find a career where I would be able to meet new people and

help them solve their problems. This is how I came to be a financial planner."


I worked at ING for many years before joining and becoming a part owner of an award-winning financial planning practice. I was a senior financial planner there for 15 years before founding Inner Wealth.


My role as a Financial Planner is to work through my clients’ issues by breaking down their problems into smaller parts and educating them on how doing the little things will allow them to achieve the big things in life. Different to mathematics, where there is only one correct answer, financial planning can offer many solutions that may be your answer. I enjoy educating my clients and working through options with them so that they can realise their full potential. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals as a result of good advice. Knowing that I can make a positive impact on my client’s lives is one of the reasons I get out of bed every morning. I am always keen to discover the new challenges that await!


Outside of work, I’m a husband and a loving father to 4 young, beautiful boys who keep me on my toes. I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and my boys, playing basketball, camping, fishing and keeping fit. I am continuously on a journey of personal improvement. I constantly look for ways to improve and be better to set a good example for my kids.


This is part of my personal philosophy that I apply to my clients' journey to find financial inner peace. 


Mary Mitchell


Client Services Officer

My name is Mary Mitchell Quijada however, I like to be called “Mitch”. I have been working with Inner Wealth from the beginning. My role is to assist our clients with day-to-day administrative tasks so that they can get their financial affairs in order and continue to grow their wealth.


I have a bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology.


I love music and arts. My favorite hobbies singing, painting and watching romcoms and fantasy TV series. I’m constantly looking to gain new skills and find the best strawberry shortcakes in town.

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Paraplanning Manager

I started as a financial adviser in 2002 and enjoyed 18 years providing advice for clients before taking a different path and move to preparing financial advice documents for Financial Advisers where I am able to work from home with my two Jack Russells. 


I'm really happy to have completed a Masters in Financial Advice and won a national award with Kaplan for Governance and Ethics, one of two electives. The other one being SMSF where I achieved a high distinction.

I am proud to be working with Inner Wealth who always has a client first approach to their advice and affords my paraplanning team time to prepare a quality piece of advice.





I am a fan of learning new things - it always awakens the curiosity in me. I am a highly detailed person and in 2019, I was introduced to the world of financial planning. I’m constantly learning new strategies and my goal is to work closely with financial planners to develop high-quality strategies for our clients.

I have a major in Management Accounting.





I have been a paraplanner since 2018 and what I love about my job is that every client is different. I like to put myself in the clients' shoes to brainstorm ideas with the planner on the best strategy to help them achieve their goals. 

In my spare time, I enjoy playing and watching basketball.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. My favourite quote is “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart".

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